Our approach values all children as individuals and starts from their interests and unique qualities.

We support our children to be confident, articulate and creative learners through exciting experiences which have real meaning for them.  We believe our "curriculum" covers all of the experiences and relationships we offer and develop.

We have given every aspect of life at Lark Hill Nursery School careful thought.

Our statutory curriculum is called the Early Years Foundation Stage and includes seven areas of learning.


Prime Areas

These are the 3 areas of learning which form the foundations for learning

1) Personal, social and emotional development


2) Physical development


3) Communication and language


Specific Areas

These are the four areas through which the prime areas are "strengthened and applied"

1) Literacy


2) Mathematics


3) Understanding the world


4) Expressive arts and design


We believe children are learning all of the time and we know through their play children are thinking deeply and learning about themselves, the world and others.

Paid For Sessions

Our Paid For Sessions give you the option to pay for additional sessions, so you can top up your child’s free entitlement place between 8-3:30pm.

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Download a copy of our handbook to find out everything you need to know about Lark Hill Nursery School.

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