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What does a Governing Board do ?

Every maintained school has a Governing Board which makes decisions about how the school is run and makes plans for it to develop in the future.

Our Governing Board is a keen, enthusiastic and very supportive group of people who take their statutory responsibilities for the school very seriously. They are very familiar with the life of the school and  work hard to ensure it continually improves.

Each Governing Board is made up of parents, staff, people appointed by the Local Authority and residents from the local community.  In this way all interested groups can give their views of how the school works.

The Governing Board looks after the upkeep of the school buildings both inside and out, how the school money is spent, how many staff there are and what they do, the safety of the children, staff and visitors and and much more.

Our Governing Board meets each term for the Main Meeting and then also termly for our Committee Meeting.

If there is anything you would like to know or let the Governing Board know about please contact the Chair.

Our Chair of Governors is Hayley Whitehouse.

If you are interested in joining our Governing Body come and have a chat with the Headteacher, Jo O'Raw or you can e-mail her on :



Our Governing Board

Cath Evans

Cath is our Deputy Headteacher and an Associate Governor

Karen Fairweather

Karen is our School Business Manager and an Associate Governor

 She shares with the Governors updates on our budget and how we are ensuring we get best value for the Nursery. 

Jo O'Raw

Jo is the Headteacher of the Nursery


I have been the Headteacher of Lark Hill Nursery School for 13 years and have loved helping the Nursery to develop and expand to now offer a flexible choice of places for 2,3 and 4 year olds. I love how excited the children are every day as they skip into the Nursery and how supportive the wonderful families are.  I am proud of our fantastic Nursery and know our staff do a wonderful job to help the children learn and thrive and it is wonderful to be a part of such a talented team.  I have been an Early Years Teacher for 24 years now and find my job so rewarding as I hope we make a real difference to our children and families. I am responsible for creating the right environment for children, families and staff to flourish.  I strongly believe in creating an inclusive school where everyone is valued and it is important to me that everyone feels welcomed and listened to.  I have the responsibility for ensuring we meet the needs of all of our children and help them to get the support they need.  I am the joint SENCO (Special Educational Needs or Disabilities Coordinator) with our Deputy and am also jointly responsible for Safeguarding with her.  I love sharing our practice with other Nurseries and  lead training for other professionals.

I enjoy walking, camping and being in the countryside.  I also love  challenging myself to think about and learn anything new. 

Hayley Whitehouse

Hayley is our Chair of Governors and is a Paren Governor.

Lyndsey Ellin-Blackburn

Lyndsey is a Parent Governor


Nila Rana

Nila is a co-opted Governor

Charlotte Rowlands

Charlotte is a co-opted Governor


Governor Attendance

Each year we will publish here the attendance of our Governors to our Committee and Main Meetings


Paid For Sessions

Our Paid For Sessions give you the option to pay for additional sessions, so you can top up your child’s free entitlement place between 8-3:30pm.

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Download a copy of our handbook to find out everything you need to know about Lark Hill Nursery School.

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