What Our Families Say

Words cannot describe..

the thanks I have to you all for helping our son grow and learn in the way he has. We will miss you all but you'll never be forgotten.

Thank you all so much for everything..

you have done for my child.  She has loved every minute of nursery.  You are all so kind, thoughtful, caring, fun and friendly and loving.  We cannot praise Lark Hill Nursery School enough.  It truly is an outstanding Nursery.  You have all given her the best possible start at school life.  We are excited about the next step for her but we will miss you all very much.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work with my child...

Without all of your help this year it would have been so much harder for me to cope through all of the tough times we have faced as a family.  My son is now a lot happier and confident and that is definitely because of how much you all care and are truly brilliant at what you do


A card sent to us on behalf of one of our children which nearly made us cry !

"Thank you so much for making me feel welcome at Nursery and for letting me start a bit early.  I am really enjoying myself and it has made it much easier for my Mummy to go to work knowing that I am happy" 

Kind words from some of our Lark Hill Nursery School Families...

"Lark Hill Nursery School provides a fun and stimulating environment in which my daughter loves to be part of."

"I absolutely love Lark Hill Nursery. I am so proud of the help and care my child receives and I will also be sending my other child here."



   "She feels she belongs at Lark Hill Nursery. She has made friends and I think the way you make learning fun makes all the difference." 


"Thank you so much for all of your hard work.  He has really enjoyed his time at Lark Hill Nursery, this is because he has felt well loved, cared for and has enjoyed stimulating and challenging activities."


   "The staff are wonderful - very caring and hard working.  We trust them totally."   "This nursery has been great from day one, everything is exciting for the children and the support for adults cannot be surpassed."


"In my opinion Lark Hill Nursery is perfect.  I have felt happy leaving my child here and I am thankful to all the staff for looking after him and putting so much effort into the Nursery to make it such an amazing place."

"I think everything in the Nursery is perfect for the children and their parents.  I wouldn't change a thing."

"Our son is such a confident, popular little boy and this is all due to you guys' great care.  Thank you millions"


"Keep up the good work.  A lovely place to learn"

"What a great nursery."

Also our OFSTED Report March 2012 judged us to be OUTSTANDING in all areas.

See the full report here.


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