Closure due to snow

We are very sorry for having to close Nursery this week due to snow.  This is a very difficult decision.  I will explain all of the aspects we consider when we make a decision like this. We know it can be very difficult for families and never take the decision lightly.

We receive guidance from the Local Authority and carry out a risk assessment about what we can provide on site.  This means the safety around the site and how viable we are in being able to ensure enough staff can get to Nursery safely and also get home safely who can work with your children.  We also think about the safety of the children getting to and from Nursery. The night before a decision like this I study the weather forecasts in depth and am in contact with all of the staff to update me on the conditions near to their homes.

Sadly this week we had to make the decision to close.

I hope you are all warm and safe as well as enjoying the fun and special memories that playing in the snow can provide.

As it was World Book Day this week here are some ideas for lovely snowy picture books to share which you may want to look for as presents for the future.

On a lighter note I like the way this Headteacher shared the decision a few years ago to close the school

Another school also sent home some special snowy day homework

We will keep you posted about next week via text, hopefully it will have warmed a little !  See you all soon.

Jo O'Raw, Headteacher


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