Hello and goodbye !

Welcome back to our last half term of the Nursery year.  We will be saying good bye soon to some of our children who will be moving to their new Reception classes and welcoming our new children.  It is a term of mixed emotions.

We are always sad to say goodbye as we love getting to know all of our children and sharing their learning journey but we know there comes a time for them to move on and face new challenges. We always enjoy them coming back and sharing all of their news...so please do !

We are also excited to welcome new children and start to get to know them and think about how we can support their learning and development.

This term we will be sharing our

Family Exploration Night on Wednesday 24th June between 4:30 - 6pm

when you can come and meet a visiting farm.  All welcome.

We will also welcome back Bryan from Samba Bamba on Wednesday 22nd July who will be with us for a day of music and dance.  Come and join us.

This half term as well our Headteacher, Jo O'Raw is proud to be involved in training to introduce a new baseline assessment approach developed by Early Excellence for children starting in Nursery and Reception. Schools could choose the scheme they wanted to use and we believe the Early Excellence approach is a principled approach which fits with our way of thinking about the children as individual, unique learners.  Jo will be out for a few days this half term all around the country to be part of helping schools learn how to use this approach  but promises to be around to say hello and goodbye to everyone who is part of our lovely Nursery !

Here's to a productive half term.



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