Heuristic Play-Resources needed

Heuristic play gives children the chance to explore a range of objects and through doing this learn about how things work. It also gives adults a chance to quietly watch the children and see what they are interested in.  We would like to make Heuristic Play bags for our two year olds and we are starting to collect resources, so if you could bring anything from the list below that would be fantastic!


Woollen pompoms, Small bags and boxes, Cardboard cylinders (inside of kitchen paper, wrapping paper or cling film), Ribbons, Cut offs of wood (smooth so there are no splinters!), Old keys, Metal jar tops, Shells, Corks, Pinecones, Tins and containers (without sharp edges-baby milk tins or big coffee tins are great!), Curtain rings, Wooden pegs, Hair rollers, Ping-pong balls, Hair scrunchies, Cotton reels, Bangles.


For more information about Heuristic play-http://www.communityplaythings.co.uk/learning-library/articles/heuristic-play 

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