If my child is ill

At this time of year children do pick up different infections.  Here is some guidance to help you think about what to do.

Firstly if your child is at all ill please let us know and tell us about their symptoms and when they started to develop.  We want to help everyone to stay safe and we also want to make sure that noone misses Nursery if they do not need to.

Scientists keep devleoping their understanding of coronavirus and diarrhoea, fatigue, headache, a rash and losing interest in eating are becoming more observed in children, although they are not the official main symptoms yet.  The main, official symptoms remain a continuous cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell.

You or your child must get a test if they develop these symptoms.

Children may get a mild version of the disease but the adults in their lives may not.

As always you can reply to a text, message us through facebook, send a message through Tapestry or email us.  We will mainly not have someone based at our Reception this year although you can leave a message on our answerphone which we check during the day.  Jo or Cath can also ring you during the week if you would like a longer chat.  Please let us know.





Please also consider joining the covid symptom app where you share how your family are each day. It is helping the national understanding of coronavirus.


This is a useful poster from Greater Manchester Public Health which suggests what to do if you, your child or someone in your family has symptoms.


This is a helpful poster from the NEU Union which displays the symptoms of coronavirus and what to do.


This is a screenshot from the BBC which compares the symptoms of coronavirus, flu and cold.


Keep safe and well and keep in touch with us.

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