Keeping moving !

At this time of year we are thinking about the children who will be leaving us to move to Primary School.  We have also had a focus on physical movement this year so this is an opportunity to think about what we have achieved in a number of ways.

Firstly we want to wish all of our leavers good luck for their move to Reception.  We know you will enjoy the new challenges that lie ahead for you. Pop back and see us anytime.  There is much discussion about what it means to be ready for school and for us it means that you are confident to communicate with others, have growing independence and are well equipped to keep learning.  We think the children who leave us have all of these qualities.

This is an interesting report about what it means to be ready for school

Secondly on the theme of moving we have had a really exciting and effective focus this year on further supporting the children's physical development.  We have introduced different ways to challenge the children physically whether it is through our climbing wall, rope swing, funky fingers or doing the daily mile.


You can find out more about the daily mile initiative here

It is a sad time of year as we know we will miss all of our leavers, although we also know the staff have done an amazing job in helping the children be ready to move on to all of the new exciting adventures which await them.

Have a great summer

Jo O'Raw




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