Learning from each other

At this time of year we think about all of the learning we have shared and start to think of the future. This year our oldest children will be transferring to 14 different Primary Schools and we wish them lots luck with their exciting next steps in learning.

For the first time this year our 2,3 and 4 year olds have been exploring and learning together and it has been wonderful to see the benefits for everyone.  For our youngest children they have role models to look up to and aspire to be like and for our oldest children they have grown in confidence as they have shared all of the skills and qualities they are learning to help them be ready to move into their Reception classes.

Our staff keep learning too and have been working on units for degrees, Masters, PhD's, G.C.S.E English and G.C.S.E Maths as well as thinking about and developing the environment, our interactions with the children and the experiences we provide them.  No two years are the same at Lark Hill Nursery School.

We have just set up a drawing area and love this picture which shows such fantastic close observation and thinking.  You would amazed by all of the discussions we had about death through looking at our centipede and spider !

i wonder what we will all learn next ?



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