Our climbing log arrives

Branch still in the tree
Branch still in the tree
Branch fully removed from the tree
Branch fully removed from the tree

We found each year that after an initial interest our children became a little bored with our orange and blue climbing frame and it quickly became too easy for them.  We asked Millar Landscapes if they could find us a climbing log.  They found a tree in Macclesfield which had a broken branch which was hanging over a footpath and so it needed to be taken off.  It has been very carefully transported to our garden and will be ready to try out next Monday when the children come back.  I can't wait to see what they make of it !

Only this morning I was watching videos from a conference "Open for play" on Tim Gill's blog "Rethinking childhood" and he quotes Helle Nebelong who has been important figure in designing Copenhagen's public spaces and she said,

"I am convinced that standardised playgrounds are dangerous, just in another way.  When the distance between all the rings in a climbing net or a ladder is exactly the same, the child has no need to concentrate on where he puts his feet.  Play becomes simplified and the child does not have to worry about his movements.  This lesson cannot be carried over to all of the knobbly and asymmetrical forms with which one is confronted throughout life."

This quote seems very appropriate to explain why we need our new climbing log.

Climbing tree
Climbing tree
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