What do you do on INSET days ?

One of our parents was asking me about our INSET days and asked "What do you do on INSET days ?"  I realised we do not always share with you what we do so I thought I would fill you in on our news page !  We sometimes develop an area of our work together just with our whole team, we might also join up with other Nurseries to hear an inspirational speaker or as for last week we work at Nursery with someone who is helping us develop an aspect of our work.

On our INSET day on Friday 15th November we worked with Gill Goodwin from Helen Sanderson Associates.

  We have been inspired by their work to start doing one page profiles for all of our children.


There is an interesting video at the bottom of the first page here : http://www.helensandersonassociates.co.uk/

Their approach is to think about "person centred" practices.  We are really excited about working with Helen Sanderson Associates to think about all that we do.  We are now one of their partner schools and each half-term we will share a blog post about what we have been doing.  Here is our first one written by our Deputy Head, Cath Evans :


On the INSET day all of our staff came together to think about ourselves and have started to write our own one page profiles to help us think about ways to keep developing as a team so we can better support you and your child.

We'll share them with you soon.. when we have finished them !

The headings are :

What people like and admire about me ?

What is important to me ?

How best to support me ?

We found out lots of things about each other and ourselves that we didn't realise !

We'll keep you posted and let you know how you can get involved and any changes we plan as a result.





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