Why change?


When we come back to nursery in September the areas of the nursery have been tidied and sometimes simplified, that is we have less equipment out at first, ready for the children returning, moving between rooms or starting nursery. However as we complete our initial assessments and get to know more about the children, what they are interested in, how and where they like to spend time and what we can provide to support their learning we begin to change the organisation of the nursery room. This year we have been thinking about how to support children to develop the physical skills that will support them as they begin to write. We have the climbing tree outside that supports the development of upper body strength, we have the swing, wobbly bridge, crates and two wheel bikes that all support the development of balance and we have provided chalk, large brushes and water and sweeping brushes to provide opportunities for children to use their whole arm when making marks.  However we wanted to provide opportunities for large scale mark-making using whole arm movements inside so we have moved the 'bed' to reveal the large whiteboards and moved the paint table next to a noticeboard so that children can paint on a large vertical surface. We have also been thinking about providing opportunities for children to develop fine motor manipulation and have created an area with resources to support children in this area including;  threading, sorting beads using tweezers, puzzles, clay and playdough. If you would like to know more about what we have changed and why and how you can continue to support your child at home please speak to any of the nursery staff.

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