During this term we have discussions with every family about their child and update their one page profile which helps their feeder Primary know what is unique about every child and how best to support them. We also complete a leavers summary which we share with families and your child's new Primary School. All of this helps Schools be ready for your child.

We are also always asked by families how to prepare children for School.

At Home you can support your child to be ready for school by encouraging their independence. When you have time let them dress and undress themselves, encourage them to be independent with toileting and when choosing what to play with. Establish a good bedtime routine - even children who have attended Nursery full time are tired when they first start school so making sure they have a routine that gives them 10-13 hours of sleep at night will help. Read to them regularly and say rhymes encourage them to make up their own rhymes. Draw and write with them. Talk to them about anything that interests them and answer their questions, when you play with them comment more than you ask questions, so rather than saying, "What colour is that car?" say, "My favourite is the blue car?" 

The BBC website has a page about starting school with various articles and videos that might be useful: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/collections/starting-primary-school/1