Image of Reading
17 Nov
Image of Tapestry
19 Oct


Sharing our learning

Image of Our multilingual school
4 Sep

Our multilingual school

A great start to the year with Amy from Stockport's Ethnic Diversity Service helping us think about ways to support our bilingual children.

Image of Updated Curriculum
6 Apr

Updated Curriculum

We are currently working on our updated Curriculum which includes the skills and knowledge we want our children to learn during their time with us as 2,3 and 4 year olds. It will include our core books, progression in communication and skills such as drawing as well as our termly themes of Who am I ? Out and About and Changing and Growing. More details coming soon...

Image of Our future world
12 Mar

Our future world

On International Women's Day we think about what we want for the girls and boys in our Nursery. We want them to have a world where they can be accepted and valued for who they are.

Image of Updating our knowledge
23 Jan

Updating our knowledge

This term our staff are thinking about the children's well being and involvement. We are also learning more about meeting the needs of every child, including using visuals to help all children.

Image of SEND Stockport Return Visit
13 Sep

SEND Stockport Return Visit

Let Ofsted know what you think.

Image of Bank Holiday
13 Sep

Bank Holiday

For the funeral of Queen Elizabeth 2nd Nursery will be closed on Monday 19th September as a sign of respect.

Image of Keeping safe in the extreme heat
17 Jul

Keeping safe in the extreme heat

We have thought carefully about how to keep our children safe during the predicted extreme heat for Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July.

Image of Our Curiosity Approach Journey - Construction
27 Nov

Our Curiosity Approach Journey - Construction

We are just starting on our Curiosity Approach Accreditation Journey. It is an opportunity to reflect on and develop all that we do.