Every child develops at a different pace with their communication skills. Children share how they feel in many different ways. Our skillful staff play and explore alongside your child to model new language and support them in their next steps.  We look at developing the child's communication skills in everything we do.  We also have a lovely cosy corner where we can work with children one to one to offer extra support.  We use Makaton, Visuals and Communication Books as extra support if your child needs them. We engage with specialist such as Health Visitors and Speech and Language professionals in order to support the children's communication skills and develop our skills. 

On Tapestry, our Online Learning Journal, we share a weekly 'Learning at Home and Nursery' post which shares photos and explains why we work in the way we do.

We also share links with ideas to try at home too.

We love these ideas to chat about with your child when you are out and about on a walk.